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Harmonic Relief Show Choir is non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization based in Oakdale, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul. 


Harmonic Relief Show Choir was formed in May 2000 with a core of seven friends who had sung in other musical organizations, but wanted to expand further into Pop, Swing, Broadway and Vocal Jazz music. From that small core of friends, we have grown to our current size of 26 members. Our group shares a love for close harmony and getting together to sing, dance, and entertain audiences, while still having fun!


As a Show Choir we incorporate staging and choreography routines into our performances. We also perform a  number of songs in small groups rather than as the whole choir. This adds variety and interest to our show. 



Harmonic Relief_March 2023_Crop 2 Gray175.jpg
Group Photo March 2023
Harmonic Relief--January 2020--Cropped Color.jpg
Group Photo January 2020

Spring Show 2015

harmonic relief group photo, may 2011

Spring Show 2011

Group Photo 1_January 2018.jpg
Group Photo January 2018
harmonic relief group photo, may 2013

Spring Show 2013

harmonic relief group photo, April 2010

Group Photo April 2010

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